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      Sigma Engineering

      Sigma Engineering Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Synex International Inc. Sigma Engineering provides civil engineering services, particularly the design of hydroelectric generation facilities.

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      Since 1973, Sigma Engineering Ltd has provided innovative and practical solutions for the control and use of water as well as related developments requiring civil, water resource, and environmental engineering expertise. Projects have been mainly in the fields of hydrology, river engineering, fisheries and environmental assessment, water quality, site development services, water supply, hydro power, wastewater treatment and disposal, flood control, and storm water management. The scope of professional services includes research, feasibility studies, project management, technical design, construction management, and operation of facilities. The company also works with associates such as geotechnical, electrical, and structural engineers, geomorphologists, and other specialists in the natural sciences to complete a broad range of projects.

      The company has developed a tradition of undertaking diverse and challenging projects and applying technology to the benefit of its clients which include a full range of private and public corporations, government agencies and individuals such as Boralex, Veresen, Hupacasath First Nation, BC Hydro, BC Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources Canada, Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Burrard International Holdings and CRC Developments, Greenside Properties, Resort Municipality of Whistler, Howe Sound School District, District of Surrey, Bella Coola Band Council, Western Pacific Powergen Corp., Westmin Resources Ltd, BC Environment and City of Surrey.


      Suite 101, 1444 Alberni Street
      Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V6G 2Z4


      Telephone: (604) 688-8271
      Fax: (604) 688 1286
      Email: daniel.russell@synex.com